Fotostat is now monitoring over 1,000,000 photos

Posted January 12, 2013 under minimalise, fotostat, photography, socialmedia

The end of each year is often a time for reflection, a time to look back on our accomplishments, our failures and everything in between.  When running a startup you tend to have quite a few data points to work with which makes it that little bit easier.

2012 was a big year for Fotostat, bringing about about massive changes to our codebase, a couple of server upgrades and a new site design.  We invited those that signed up to the mailing list to our closed beta and then finally opened the doors to everyone with an open beta at the end of the year.  One month later and we have hit a few milestones:

Over 500 users have signed up to try the service

1,000,000 photos are being monitored to help photographers better understand their audience.

1500 photos have been uploaded to multiple networks from within Fotostat

Like and other startup, Fotostat has not been without problems. As mentioned earlier we have had to upgrade our infrastructure twice throughout the year to accommodate growth, and being a new service there have been many bug reports submitted and completed along the way. 

We are nothing without our users, all of who are currently testers.  Without you we would not have come this far and your support has been tremendous throughout the year.  2013 is going to be amazing and we hope you can all be part of it.

Thankyou for helping us continue making Fotostat THE central hub where photographers can manage their online presence.

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Fotostat is the central hub where photographers can manage their online presence. Save time by scheduling your uploads to multiple social photography sites, blogs and merchant facilities. Discover...

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