How I Intend to Blog in 2013

Posted January 06, 2013 under minimalise, blog, socialmedia

I have a confession to make, I have started blogging at least 3 times that I can recall (it is likely more) but have never managed to stick with it.  It's a common story, one that is easily proven by the abundance of first posts followed up with nothing at all on blogs all over the web.  

It's hard to pinpoint the exact cause of my inability to blog for a decent amount of time but is likely a combination of lack of motivation due to other projects taking priority, lack of focus on a topic or subject for the blog and possibly the idea the noone cares what it is I have to say.  Despite having these issues in the past, I feel like this time will be different.  Some problems may still pop up from time to time but the way in which I now blog will hopefully allow me to keep on track.

Over the past year and a half or so I have been the most active I have ever been on a social network.  The release of Google+ gave me all the features I wanted that I felt were missing or not well implemented on other networks.  It also allowed me to start fresh with a new community and has become a place I really love to spend time.  Early on I noticed that several high profile bloggers had been creating long-form posts on the network whilst their blogs began to become a little stale.  It was an interesting turn of events and not really something I feel many expected.  Upon noticing this phenomenon I created a proof of concept which allowed anyone on Google+ to visit my site and have a 'blog' be created based on their posts.  I didn't expect to have many check it out but it really took off which in turn made me spend a bit more time creating more permanent solutions in Plusses, a hosted blog that uses Google+ posts as the content creation platform, and Google+Blog, a plugin that pulls in posts to self-hosted WordPress blogs.  These tools allowed many people to have an active blog without the extra effort of maintaining another presence.

For whatever reason I have no problem creating a long post for a social network, but always found it much more difficult to blog.  With that in mind, and my experience creating the afforementioned cross-posting solutions I will be crafting my posts on Google+ and then automatically replicating them to (my blog).  The blog is not really a high value asset to me, but it is a place that can point people in the right direction if they are looking to reach out.  If it helps my writing find those that are in need of it then all the better.

If you have any questions on this type of setup, be sure to let me know.  Good luck to all those that are also looking to write more in 2013.

Daniel Treadwell is a Developer, Amateur Photographer and Founder of Fotostat, a central hub where photographers can easily manage their online presence.