Google+Blog for WordPress

Posted February 25, 2014 under blog, wordpress, google+

With the release of Google+ came a new social media platform that encouraged the sharing of long form, structured content along with beautiful images in a way that was almost TOO easy. More and more people found themselves creating great posts that would have previously been submitted to their blog which was suddenly starting to look barren. It was for this reason that Google+Blog for WordPress was created, a simple plugin that takes posts from Google+ and imports them into your WordPress blog.

* Transfer posts from Google+ to WordPress seamlessly
* Support for multiple profiles (allowing multiple authors to post on your blog automatically)
* Import comments from Google+ to WordPress to show how active your posts are
* The option to only transfer posts with certain hashtags (or exclude posts by hashtag)
* Include images/videos in posts with an option to specify images as feature images/thumbnails
* Imported posts do not have to be automatically published, allowing final editing before becoming public

How Do I Buy The Plugin?
There are two versions of the plugin available, the first of which is available for US$10. This cost covers the continued development of the plugin and allows me to provide support where possible. If you are not happy with the plugin I will happily refund you. To purchase the full version click on the paypal link below.

Can I Get It For Free?
A free version of the plugin is also available for download. This version provides the same functionality as the paid one, with the caveat of each post containing a small blurb with a link back to this site. Support is also limited for the free version of the plugin, though I encourage all users to try before they buy. To download the free version, click the link below.

Download Google+Blog for Wordpress 1.4.2

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions related to the plugin, please do not hesitate to contact me by choosing your favourite contact method on the right (though email is preferred). Thanks for the support.

Daniel Treadwell is a Developer, Amateur Photographer and Founder of Fotostat, a central hub where photographers can easily manage their online presence.

Google+ Comments Used On A Personal Blog

Posted April 19, 2013 under minimalise, socialmedia, google+

Google have just rolled out a great feature in the way of integrated comments across the Blogger network. This will enable a greater integration of one's social identity on G+ and that of a general online persona. Google have taken it a step further though, showing all interactions on shares of the blog pages across the G+ network, giving a great view of all activity and discussion involving the posts.

Although the release is limited to Blogger, I have managed to get it up and running on my own self-hosted blog. This is not the intended use (yet), but is surely a peek of what will be available in the future. There is a good chance that this implementation will be shut down so be sure to check it out.

As soon as Google give this a go ahead, if it is requested enough I will investigate writing a WordPress plugin to implement it. Let me know if you would be interested.

Daniel Treadwell is a Developer, Amateur Photographer and Founder of Fotostat, a central hub where photographers can easily manage their online presence.